The Firm

RedFox Capital E.I.R.L. , located in Santiago, Chile, is an independent advisor offering investment advice

to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors.

We offer only advice in asset classes in areas where we have profound knowledge and experience:

  • Micro and Small Caps
  • Transportation, Industrials, Food, Natural Resources (O&G, agriculture and Mining), Telecom & Media, Special Situations
  • Global equities

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Previous Quarterly Newsletters

4Q17 +13.36%

 We closed the last quarter of 2017 with a 13.36% gain resulting in a total gain of 23.26% since inception; five months ago. 

3Q17 +8.74%

August 7th was our first official day in operations. Ironically enough, the Korean decided to make some noise on the 8th affecting the portfolio and specially our asian holdings for the weeks that followed. However, we still ended our first quarter in operation (in fact a little less than two months) with a profit of 8.74% thanks to the acquisition of our largest holding...NYX. 

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+56 9 6678 5450

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